The software for the MEKAPHARM solutions

To accompany our OMEGA robot, APOTEKA automate, OPTIMA combination and ALPHA sorter solutions, we use a number of components and software applications. Intuitive and effective, the software has been developed in line with the expectations and specific needs of pharmacists. Here is an excerpt!


Use of the software

OMEGA autocollant transparent APOTEKA autocollant transparent optima autocollant transparent alpha autocollant transparent
MEKASOFT Provides comprehensive routine management of the automated dispenser and the robot (restocking report, indication of minimum stocks, reserve management and inventory assistance, help in creation of new references) and the rapid exchange of information between APOTEKA and CDAPI for accelerated validation of every day orders  X  X X   X
SMARTDRIVE Controls the conveyance: acceleration of work for a number of orders, the current one triggers the next one when the critical point is reached with important energy savings   X  X    X  N.A.
CD API Information system between the robot and the pharmacy via the CDAPI standard: stock management software   X   X   X   X
Ibase : Cloud computing National online database: useful for new products: elimination of computer handling   X   X   X   X
Optimum Analyse Audit and advice service on the evolution of rotations  automatic   X   X   N.A.
Laser Telemetry Automatic physical counting for perfect and constant knowledge of stock   X  N.A.   X  N.A.
Data matrix code reader Allows traceability through identification of each product   X   X   X   X
E com Software dedicated to the collection and analysis of technical data for each installed solution. It automatically diagnoses most malfunctions and is even able to provide a patch automatically!   X   X   X   X

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