Our company


puce_bleufonce French company founded in 1999 in the design, manufacture, installation and maintenance of technological solutions for the storage and preparation of individual orders:

  • In pharmacies
  • In hospitals
  • In industry
  • In logistics


puce_bleufonce +1,200 pharmacies equipped in France in 2018


puce_bleufonce 270 million boxes processed by all installed MEKAPHARM solutions (2018)


puce_bleufonce Distribution in + than 20 countries


puce_bleufonce Our credo:

  • Speed → Productivity, return on investment
  • Convenience → Automated stock management and traceability
  • Space saving → Compact, delocalisation
  • Universality → All types of packaging


puce_bleufonce MEKAPHARM also offers:

  • Constant innovation
  • Product and service guarantee quality
  • Ease of use
  • Reliability




puce_bleufonce Over 1,200 retail pharmacies in France


puce_bleufonce CAP DEPO: the world’s leading 100% automated centre for the storage and preparation of individual orders serving laboratories, groups and pharmacies


puce_bleufonce ACTIBIOS: Spanish wholesaler of pharmaceutical and parapharmaceutical products


puce_bleufonce CHU de Grenoble: Largest hospital in France in number of beds


puce_bleufonce UNIPHARMA: Wholesale distributor in New Caledonia


puce_bleufonce MEDIPAC: Wholesale distributor in Polynesia






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