puce_bleu The fastest robots on the market: 7 m/s

puce_bleu The only multi-picking multi-reference robot for storage AND delivery: Delivers up to 2000 boxes/hour, it processes several different products simultaneously and manages all packaging

puce_bleu High-density storage capacity allowing up to 5000 boxes/m² thanks to:

    • Shelf depth (40cm)
    • Automatic optimisation of the storage space with periodic defragmentation
    • Multi-product storage option per row

puce_bleu Work with peace of mind: security and full traceability through the use of 2D code and preparation of orders using FEFO*: each box managed by the OMEGA robot is unique

puce_bleu Enjoy total convenience:

    • Storage of orders
    • Management and optimisation in the restocking of high rotation items
    • Obsolescence management
    • Delivery of orders
    • Permanent inventory with laser telemetry
    • Automatic details on new products (dimensions, weights)

puce_bleu Intuitive interface: compatible with all Pharmacy Management Software (PMS) (MEKAPHARM is one of the pioneers of the CDAPI standard)

puce_bleu Extremely quiet thanks to its exclusive beltless guidance


* 1st expired, 1st out

MEKAPHARM, votre temps est précieux


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