Ms. Audubert, Berthey et Morisco, Pharmacy Saint André, Saint André de Cubzac (33) (Installation June 2013)

Topic: Speed / Automated Dispenser vs. Robot


shutterstock_104508014« Ladies, you used a robot before deciding to remove it and replace it with the MEKAPHARM APOTEKA automated dispenser.
Why the drastic change? » 


When we bought the pharmacy it was equipped with a robot. We worked with it for two years but we could not support such a slow system. We were looking for both rapid dispensing and storage. We opted for APOTEKA from MEKAPHARM because it is the fastest on the market and we see that every day! APOTEKA is unrivalled in speed of dispensing and also storage!



« What differences you have noticed between the two systems? »         

Essentially what we wanted: unparalleled velocity in dispensing but also in storage!



« The detractors of the automated dispenser claim it takes a lot longer to store an order than with a robot. With your dual experience, what is your opinion on the subject?»


These comments are totally false. When we chose APOTEKA we knew it was an assisted manual storage but that does not bother us because the robot was so slow in storing orders that we could not do worse… Indeed, I can assure you that I can store the order much faster manually (in the automated dispenser) than the robot did! We have been able to absorb a higher customer flow without worry or additional fatigue.



« What do you do with the extra time the machine gives you each day? »


Now we spend much more time at the counter advising our customers, which is real added value and a real comfort for us as much as for them. Likewise, as the order is delivered faster, we have been able to absorb a higher customer flow without worry or additional fatigue.



« Can you give a summary of your automation experience? »


Automation is a real plus for the pharmacy but it is necessary to pay attention to the choice of system. We worked with a robot for two years, and while we were not at all satisfied with the robot, the APOTEKA automated dispenser fully meets our expectations since the time saving and productivity gain it offers the pharmacy is already more than proven. We could not be more pleased with its performance and we absolutely do not regret our decision.


« What advice would you give to any colleagues planning on investing in a robotic solution? »


We would advise them to properly identify their expectations but in general we would advise against a robot. APOTEKA on its own, answers the global issue of the pharmacist: how to increase productivity and free up time to be closer to the customers.


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