Mr. Morvan, Pharmacy MORVAN, Auray (56) (Installation in july 2008)

Topic: Scalable automated dispenser > combination


2008 saw the first OMEGA robots appear in pharmacies. Here is testimony from one of our first customers in the Morbihan.

We also wish to thank him for having confidence in us, without even having seen OMEGA operate under real conditions in a pharmacy.



MEKAPHARMA Rives de l'Orne-5213« Mr. Morvan, why did you choose to automate your pharmacy? »


In the project to update my pharmacy, I wanted to increase the area available to customers as a priority. I either opted for the construction of an extension, or I delocalised as much stock as possible to the floor above. Comparing the cost of an extension to the cost of delocalising the stock through automation, I didn’t need long to decide, especially after analysing the advantages of OPTIMA in addition to a simple delocalisation!



« Why this particular system? »


I chose OPTIMA because the automated dispenser is the fastest tool available while being simple, reliable and proven. The risk of failure is very small and even in case of prolonged power failure, the medications remain accessible.

Working in tandem with the automated dispenser, the OMEGA robot allows maximum working convenience. In fact, I prefer to use the robot for very low rotations with the heavy rotation reserves issued by the automated dispenser. This and the automatic storage of orders allow us to work more calmly.



« Was the comparison easy? »


Initially, no. MEKAPHARM’s competitors are also good sellers. Seeing their robots work is impressive and seductive, but the speed of delivery to the counters is paramount for the service, so I decided on MEKAPHARM because the delivery is almost instant with the automated dispenser for 9 prescriptions out of 10, the robot not being able to deliver 1 prescription in 10.



« Mr. Morvan, vyou were one of the first pharmacists to install the combined automated dispenser and OPTIMA robot, what can you say about the experience? »


As one of the first clients installed, I initially used the automated dispenser on its own for 3 months. I wondered if the robot was necessary because the APOTEKA dispenser, by itself, was already a huge plus. In reality, the addition of the robot further enhances the qualities of the dispenser. It adds great convenience for the storage of orders and the dispensing of low rotations which became difficult to do without once we tried it. Finally, I would add a quick note of thanks to MEKAPHARM’s technical teams, who were very respectful of our work and the constraints of the pharmacy’s operation.


MEKAPHARM, votre temps est précieux


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