Mr. Bertrand, Pharmacy J.F Bertrand, Fontenay-sous-Bois (92) (installation in september 2013)

Topic: Price-quality ratio and convenience of the OMEGA robot


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« Mr. Bertrand, what points guided your choice? ” »


Initially I wanted an automated dispenser but due to space constraints and the configuration of the pharmacy I turned to a robot.

I compared what MEKAPHARM offered me against that of another brand. The offer from MEKAPHARM proved more attractive in terms of price, but via a detailed study it also offered me a customised solution more suited to my needs.

Also MEKAPHARM’s expertise in the field of automation being recognised for many years, which was an influencing factor in my decision, I felt I could trust it, its leading status guaranteeing me it would provide me with a reliable quality robot.



« Some say MEKAPHARM is not an expert in robotics, what do you think? »


Indeed, critics of MEKAPHARM told me it was not capable because it wasn’t a specialist in the field of robotics, that it would sell me and install a robot as if it were an automated dispenser. However, it turned out that MEKAPHARM offered me the solution closest to my expectations. I knew I was the first pharmacy in which MEKAPHARM was installing just a robot so I suspected I would have to support some improvements, but I was reassured by their professionalism and experience, I trusted them.

(Editor’s note: Mr. Bertrand was the first to be equipped with just a robot, the others being combined with an automated dispenser).



” How satisfied are you? “


I am very pleased with OMEGA because, on a day to day basis, the robot offers real convenience and benefit, both for the staff who are more available and the customers who gain from this new proximity of the pharmacists. Also, the image of the pharmacy has been modernised, , which is very important.



« What were your expectations and has the robot fulfilled them? »


Yes, I was primarily looking for convenience and optimisation in the storage and management of medicines and OMEGA offers me this daily.

This is not necessarily the most positive aspect however; it is the reactivity of MEKAPHARM. Indeed, when I have a specific need, MEKAPHARM deals with my request immediately.



« Have you noticed any behavioural changes of staff and clientele since you got the equipment? »


The members of the team had previously worked with automated dispensers or robots, so they were familiar with them. Generally, they are very accepting of the presence of the robot and consider it a real support. Indeed, in assisting storage, it offers real convenience to the whole team, which is less tired and therefore better able to provide a superior service.

In addition, the pharmacy has experienced an increase in visits which have been absorbed without difficulty thanks to the robot..

With regard to the customers, the reception of the robot is rather positive. The robot is visible and arouses the curiosity of the customers. They are interested in it and ask questions.



« What advice would you give to colleagues planning on investing in a robotic solution? »


My advice:

  • Properly take into account the constraints of the pharmacy and be sure of the actual capacity of the robot, making sure that it can handle all the stock you want it to.
  • Properly take into account the needs of the pharmacy: speed vs. convenience

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