Since its launch in 1999, APOTEKA has continued to improve in terms of speed, capacity and modularity, making it still the number 1 choice for pharmacists!

puce_vert Patented system: more than 2 million installed channels in France (2015 data)

puce_vert Increase your profitability with unrivalled performance: APOTEKA has a patented ejection system delivering up to 160 boxes/second

puce_vert Modular, compact and scalable design: tailored for small as well as large pharmacies, allowing adaptation of the automated dispenser according to your needs

puce_vert Product delivery speed: the complete order is delivered by the automated dispenser in less than 2 seconds (order per order or line to line) even when requested simultaneously by multiple stations

puce_vert Universality: APOTEKA manages all types of packaging to maximise the rate of fully automated orders

puce_vert Save space in order to optimise the selling area thanks to:

    • A capacity greater than that of conventional storage
    • The ability to remove or delocalise your stock → Customised adaptation for all premises (ground floor, basement, floor above)


puce_vert Intuitive Interface: compatible with all PMS (MEKAPHARM is one of the pioneers of the CDAPI standard, then CDAPI2, and continues to work to improve this communication and exchange protocol)

puce_vert Very fast return on investment: a detailed analysis allows a design adapted to your needs … you save time in relation to your type of pharmacy


puce_vert The large productivity gains and the disappearance of physical constraints offer the convenience and tranquillity necessary so that you can devote your time to the quality of the service, to advice and the development of new missions

puce_vert OPTION: APOTEKA refrigerated version



 fiche_download_vertAPOTEKA FRIGO


With APOTEKA, scalability, simplicity and high range performance coexist perfectly to provide you an investment that fits your budget, with a very fast return on investment!

MEKAPHARM, votre temps est précieux


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