puce_violet From a bulk deposit, it separates, identifies (2D code), aligns, measures, weighs and places each box


puce_violet ALPHA offers exceptional performance. When in independent sorter mode, it processes 600 boxes/hour!


puce_violet It issues a reception report to your Pharmacy Management System for automatic comparison with your orders


puce_violet Perfect traceability:

    • Box by box (batch number + expiration date): ideal economic tool that complies with the 2013 obligation to scan all boxes one by one upon reception


puce_violet Patented system, the secret of its speed is the separation of all the processes necessary to identify a product as well as the management of non-blocking errors (e.g. a 2D code printing defect).








Increase the ALPHA processing capacity. Whatever the volume, all deliveries can be entered in a single operation with an unlimited supply belt.


Combinaisons Advantages
alpha autocollant transparent puce_violet Box by box, it validates your received orders and feeds various bins according to their place of storage (drawers, stand or automated dispenser!)

alpha autocollant transparent


OMEGA autocollant transparentoptima autocollant transparent

puce_violet 100% automated configuration from reception to dispensing. ALPHA automatically processes your deliveries and feeds the robot with what will be stored on its shelves. In the case of OPTIMA, ALPHA will also feed the automated dispenser channel



puce_violet 100% automated storage and maximum productivity = the ultimate in automation!




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